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Celebrating our 100th Product on Instagram with a very special Marble Curly Walnut Live Edge Desk with Maple Bowtie Inlays.

Notice how the grain of the wood looks like it's wrinkled or curling on the sides. This is a very rare characteristic that happens in the heart of a tree that grew in an irregular way. Especially on walnut it is very rare to find this feature but when found nature gives us the gift of having not only a very unique looking piece but also the beauty of various brown shades starting from very light on the sides which is the sap or edge of the wood to very dark the closer it gets to the bottom and heart of the tree.

This slab has everything, a modern yet classy design, durable and thick, the hard maple bow ties look like they are pulling the tree together, yet the humidity of the wood has been stabilized and dried before processing it in a kiln. Then we planned the slab flat, removed the bark, sanded it smooth and finished it with the most durable and beautiful finish of the market called Rubio Monocoat to ensure that you will have a piece that can withstand any spill or stain.

For more information feel free to contact us online.

Curly Walnut Live Edge Desk

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